5 Reasons to Move to Southeastern NC

Life on the Carolina coast is truly the best. Our region is dotted with bustling historic downtowns, gorgeous gardens and nature reserves, and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! This stretch of the East Coast has an authentic southern feel with a beachy flair, and the greatest part is, you’ll never have to compromise business or educational opportunities.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why living in southeastern North Carolina is truly the best.

1. The Atlantic Ocean is at your fingertips.

Coastal Carolina is home to pristine beaches and fascinating tidal marshes. Whether your beach vibe is chill or adventurous, there’s something here for everyone. Opportunities abound for water sports such as surfing and paddle-boarding, kayaking and sailing, swimming and spearfishing… the list goes on! Environmental enthusiasts can volunteer at the Sea Turtle hospital in Surf City or the Coastal Federation on Wrightsville Beach. With so many activities to try (and so much sun and surf to enjoy!), you really can’t go wrong.

2. Career opportunities are unique and growing.

Forbes recently ranked Wilmington, NC as 19th on its list of Best Places for Business and Careers in the U.S. Major industries in the area include telecommunications, education, and healthcare, but there are also some unique opportunities for those working in film. Nicknamed “Hollywood East” for the dozens of TV shows and movies shot here over the years, notable projects include One Tree Hill (2003-2012), Marvel’s Iron Man 3 (2013), and Good Behavior (2016-Present). With an employment rate at 3.57%, the odds of landing a cool new job are definitely in your favor.

3. Everybody needs a little elbow room.

Personal space is in limited supply in most major U.S. cities, but that’s not the case in Wilmington. Even in the busiest, industry- and retail-heavy parts of town, you’re only a fifteen or twenty-minute drive from open roads and generous acreage. Whether you’re looking to build a home on a large lot or just don’t want a direct line of sight to your neighbor’s living room, we’ve got you covered. And you still don’t have to sacrifice convenience--cool retail and restaurant options are never out of reach.

4. It’s a region with stories to tell.

In addition to a rapidly growing economy, Southeastern North Carolina also offers a rich history dating back to the American Revolution. Settled by European Americans along the Cape Fear River, the region has seen the beginning and end of the colonial era, the antebellum period, and the Civil War. Wilmington alone has 19 attractions listed on the National Register of Historic Places!

5. Education is never second-rate.

The South, in general, gets a bad rap for its schools not being as competitive as, say, those in the northeast. But the University of North Carolina Wilmington offers a variety of high-quality baccalaureate, master’s, and select doctoral degrees. In particular, its Creative Writing and Marine Biology departments are among the most competitive in the nation. Likewise, Cape Fear Community College boasts an award-winning film school and engineering technology programs. For those with younger children, the New Hanover, Brunswick, and Pender County school systems are undergoing massive structural overhauls to ensure that your little ones are in only the most capable hands.

Overall, southeastern North Carolina is a beautiful region with a must-see list several miles long. With four beach communities within a half hour of Wilmington and plenty of room for personal and professional growth, there’s no better place to start a career or a family… and no better place to build a home or a life.

Kyle Gaskill